Hi folks at Courteney in my old home town of Bulawayo 😎

My 14 year old son has officially taken ownership of my old Courteneys.  I have passed them onto the next generation and unlike Sting’s “Dead Man’s Boots” he seems to love them as much as I did.

Vintage 1998 they started their life with a 4 day hike in the Chimanimanis. Not a single blister. Since then they have hiked in Europe and Australia, been dubbined about 12 times, grown green mould in the damp Adelaide winter, and still have their hard-wearing original laces!

My son hiked in the Morialta Conservation Park and he loves them. Not a single blister.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Justin Wynn

Finest, best fitting, and toughest boot

This is the second pair of Courteney boots I have purchased in the past two years. They are by far the finest, best fitting, and toughest boot I have found. I wear them daily around town, and also hunt with them hard, once a month on the desert hills of the Tejon Ranch, here in California.  The boots break in fast and they never let my feet get wet. Once while riding a horse, a branch from a tree was stuck in the toe. Yet it didn’t penetrate the boot. The only flaw I can find is when applying the polish that is supplied at time of purchase, the beautiful appearance of the gameskins are subdued into a brown colour. Even though the boots lose their luster after a while, they still perform flawlessly. I would like to thank you for your excellent craftsmanship in these boots – even the laces hold up.

Steven W. Herr

I use Courteney Boots and Shoes!

I bought my first pair of Courteney boots in Vic Falls Zimbabwe 18 years ago. The quality, the professional craftmanship and customer service are the best I have ever come across. I spend time off beaten tracks and possess different Courteney products which are put to good use, each one for the purpose it is intended. Sincere thanks to the team.

J P de Ravel

…Thus began my courtship with my Courteneys.

We’ve lived and travelled in 19 African countries, wandered around Europe, circumnavigated Ayer’s Rock in Australia, stalked elephants in Burkina Faso, climbed mountains (I celebrated my 50th day on this earth by climbing Mt Longonot- and beating a group of guys in their 30s to the top and around the rim), negotiated Ivorian rebel checkpoints, endured the heat in Djibouti, shivered while sleeping in the grass at 24 hrs of LeMans, stood watch for Boko Haram in Cameroon, crunched the salt in the floor of Death Valley, trudged all the steps to the top of the Cologne Cathedral, swatted tsetse flies in Tanzania, waded streams and the odd open sewer when unavoidable, driven the Nurburgring, felt the ocean breeze in Mogadishu, slept in innumerable airports, been beer soaked at Oktoberfest in Munich, eaten in a few classy restaurants, suffered my infamous wild game “poo pics”, and even more surprisingly- survived several more gun shows and conventions! I even took them to Afghanistan with me, though I couldn’t wear them in uniform, I did wear them on the odd day off and traveling for R&R. I live and work in boots and not counting military boots, I’ve owned well over 20 different pairs of custom and high end boots, but can say unequivocally, that my Courteneys are the best boots I’ve owned. They have truly been a faithful companion. 

This is my first pair of Courteney Boots, and the best pair of boots that I have ever had the privilege of owning.

Michael Haigh

I walked the length of the Pacific Crest Trail (Mexican border to the Canadian border) last summer in my Courtney boots (Ostrich skin) with nary a blister. This was in celebration of my 60th birthday and to commemorate having done it 40 years earlier at age 20. My Courtney boots held up better than the technical mountaineering boots I bought from the North Face lo those many years ago. And everyone at my shooting club still says they’re the best looking shoes they’ve seen. Hell, women even stop me in the grocery store and ask me where I bought them. It doesn’t get any better than that, form and function. I’m going to buy another pair just to be sure I get out of life with them on. Keep up the great work.


My three-shoe order arrived earlier today and the event is worth (to me at least) asking for your indulgence in reading a short anecdote.

Truth be told this was mostly an emotional purchase on my part, given my visit to remarkable Rhodesia in 1979; fell in love with the place and have since wept for its fate.  It’s not like I have a thousand dollars to gamble on a fling however, and after placing the order I seriously wondered if I’d made a huge blunder; nobody spends this much on shoes they’ve never even tried on.   So nervous in fact that when the box arrived today I didn’t open it at first, and when I finally did it was armed with a gin & tonic in hand.  I then opened each box and carefully examined the beautiful shoes (including of course the obligatory ’sniff the new leather’ test), but didn’t summon the courage (until the second gin & tonic) to actually try them on.

Super! is the term Rhodesians use when they really like something.  Let me elaborate a bit on this understatement.  First, the workmanship is incredible, the best I’ve ever seen in shoes I’ve owned and well worth the money.  Second, the fit was exactly right.  I can hardly wait to start wearing them.

My compliments & gratitude to you and in particular the Nice Ladies in Bulawayo!

Col. Michael Haas, USAF, ret.
Williamsburg, Virginia

A hand made product in a world of mass production

Thank you for making the best boots I have ever owned! Please keep up the good work.

I have attached a couple of photos, (mad I know) but I bought these boots in Bulawayo in 1997, since then they have been used as often as I can get them on my feet!

They have been through most of Southern Africa, the Austrian Alps, Highlands of Scotland, much of the UK (where they are now living).

The best thing about these nearly 20 year old boots is they still have their original truck print soles and have only had two pairs of laces!

Once again thank you for making a hand made product in this world of mass production that last! I hope you continue to make the same level of perfection for the next 20 years at least!

Marcus Boxshall-Smith

Words cannot convey

Just a short note to let you know I collected my boots from the post office this afternoon and have just opened the parcel.

Words cannot convey the absolute and utter amazement that confronted me. You and your team have hugely surpassed my expectations.

At first I honestly thought you people had made a mistake and sent me new boots. All three pairs look brand new. Thank you so, so much. I really am at a loss for words. I can’t believe that you went to so much trouble. New soles, new front sections, new inners, new bits on the backs, new laces… The list just goes on.

I now know why I will never purchase any other make of boots.

Once again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You people are truly special.

Richard Manning

By far the best boots I have ever worn

Thank you.  I have ordered the Selous boots and been wearing them for over 5 months now. They are by far the best boots I have ever worn.  They have been broken in in the harsh winters of northern Maine.  They have passed every test from ice to salt to snow.  They are so comfortable and grip everything that comes underfoot.

I look forward to bringing them to Africa with me.

Awesome footwear

Levi Frye

You make the most comfortable, quietest, long lasting boot I have come across and I have lost count of how many different boots I have tried .

Jonathan Hulme

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