A piece of my soul

Random but maybe an interesting message for you. In 1992, as Courteney Boot Company literally opened for trade, I purchased my very first, and only, pair of Courteney Boots. I was literally a first customer: within days of opening, I had my grubby paws gripped around these fantastic trackers. A week later I purchased a pair of snazzy Rockies canvass climbers (the same day). I also have those and they’re in as immaculate condition!

I was famous for always going into the bush, every 2 weeks and even did a 4 month sojourn through Namibia in 1994/95 … either alone or taking friends – having once been a Game Guide on the Zambezi and also opening the very first Abercrombie & Kent office in Vic Falls a decade odd earlier. The bush is like a drug for me. Addicted to wildlife. (I miss it.)

Well, my Courteney boots still take pride of place in my cupboard and I’ve so cherished them. They look and feel as new as the day I bought them (which I thought was a small fortune then) and travelled with me wherever I’ve worked, worldwide. That includes New York, Jordan, Bahrain, Dubai, UK, back to Zim and all through Africa and now back in UK. My husband caught the dreaded Hospital Superbug (MRSA) in Cape Town 18 months ago … so we’ve landed in March & have just settled back in Somerset where his aging parents live – in Wells. And that’s a stone’s throw from Clarke’s Village, in the greater picture!

Incidentally, I also loved the name. Had a rugged, trust about it (IMO). Reminded me of Wilbur Smith’s raging familial saga and all that stood the literary giant’s test of time. Tough stuff.

Please keep my name and location private. Thank you for a trusted and much loved …. piece of my soul. A genuine quality product!

My wife calls me Emelda Marcus due to the number of boots and shoes that I have but I can honestly state that I will reach past some very good boots for my Courteney Hunters and Vellies.

Colin Bedding

You make the most comfortable, quietest, long lasting boot I have come across and I have lost count of how many different boots I have tried .

Jonathan Hulme

Trekking in the mountains, long grass, snakes, steep ranges …ex military I have worn many boots, courteney boots the best boot ever…

Paul Anthony Bliss

I’ve been wearing a pair of your Selous boots now for four months.  Wow!!!  I can honestly say they’re the best made, most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned.  I was a little hesitant at first to spend almost $400 on a pair of boots but what a difference at the end of the day!  Anyone who has ever walked out of the wilderness with “hot feet” knows every painful step is worth $5 to avoid.  Four hundred dollars is CHEAP for these boots.  I don’t even think of them as boots anymore, more like a matching pair of Rolls Royces for the feet.  I can see now why you have such a loyal customer base.

Thanks for a great product,

Don Merriam

I have been to Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa on with these Courteneys on the hoof. Like American Express… I wouldn’t leave home without them. I am a fan and patron for life. Many thanks.

Don Turner

I have received my haversack and just wanted to let you know that it has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the materials, craftsmanship and finish are exceptional and I think now it is almost too good to take hunting!

Thank you for providing me with such a fine product.

Yours aye,

Dirk Noordewier

Just letting you know that my Selous Boots have arrived today. I have to say they are the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn and I am ecstatic with them.

Thanks Very much.

Matt and Kelley Hanson

Gives me a really good feeling for my feet…

Mikkel V. Olesen

You make the most comfortable, quietest, long lasting boot I have come across and I have lost count of how many different boots I have tried .

Jonathan Hulme

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