Product Care

Scroll down for cleaning suede, Hippo and Ostrich leathers.

For impatient readers and people in a hurry:

Leather boots:

Clean the dust off your boots with a damp cloth.  Do not use the cloth from the kitchen sink.



DO use Courteney deep penetrating leather polish, or any product that describes itself as “polish for leather footwear”. 

Do not stand in oil, diesel, petrol, solvents – rubber is allergic to all of these.

Do not sit with your Courteney boots against the fire – you will damage the cement that bonds your sole to your boot.

Water and wear remove the original oil from the leather. When the tiny fibres dry out they become hard and brittle and break easily, shortening the life of the leather. Polish your boots regularly and they will last a long time.

Cleaning leather Courteneys


If your boots are dusty then wipe them with a cloth dipped in water with a very small amount of ordinary dishwashing liquid, and wrung out, then again with the cloth rinsed in plain water and wrung out. This will be enough to get the surface dust off before polishing. 

If you feel you need to wash your leather boots:

Do not put them in the washing machine

Try not to get them too wet. Don’t saturate them.

Stuff them with newspaper and shape, then leave in a cool, shady, airy place to dry naturally, and slowly, in a gentle breeze. ✓✓✓

When dry, polish well.

The leather fibres burn easily, especially when leather is wet, and should never be dried with artificial heat. Do not dry near a fire, radiator, in the sun or in a tumble drier.

DO dry slowly in a cool, shady, airy place.

If your boots have become wet from rain or puddles then wipe, leave to dry in a cool, shady, airy place, and polish.

Remember – your boots are made of leather. Don’t stand in a river, or at the edge of the sea, and fish in your Courteneys.

Cleaning Suede Courteneys


Your Rhodesian vellies are hand-made of genuine Kudu suede leather in the traditional way.

You may wash them gently with lukewarm water with a small amount of ordinary dishwashing liquid, using a soft brush. Try not to saturate the whole boot/shoe. Blot dry with a moist, clean cloth. Pack the insides tightly with newspaper and shape, then allow to dry in a cool, airy and shady place.

The leather fibres burn easily, especially when leather is wet, and should never be dried with artificial heat. Do not dry near a fire, radiator, in the sun or in a tumble drier.

DO dry slowly in a cool, shady, airy place.

When dry, brush the suede with a clean brush to restore the nap.

Traditional cleaning: Since time immemorial the owners of bush vellies have ‘dry-cleaned’ theirs using coarse, dry maize meal and a stiff scrubbing brush. The meal absorbs grease stains and lifts dirt, and the scrubbing raises the suede ‘nap’ to its original condition. Simply dampen the outside of the vellies, coat them with dry uncooked mielie meal and leave to dry in a warm place. Brush off and they’ll look as good as new.

Cleaning Hippo Courteneys


Hippopotamus leather has an absolutely beautiful striated appearance and is superbly soft and velvety to the touch.  We deliver our Hippo boots with the natural ‘suede’ finish.  You may choose to keep that suede look, or polish the leather in which case it will become smooth with the striations showing clearly. 

The ‘suede’ may be preserved by use of a good quality commercial preparation, and there are also very good cleaning products available.

Cleaning Ostrich Courteneys


Full of natural oils, Ostrich has a high resistance to drying, cracking and stiffness. Caring for them properly will ensure they remain supple and last you for a long time.

To extend the life of your Ostrich boots and keep them looking great it’s important to clean and treat them on a regular basis:

  • Remove all the loose dirt and dust with a soft cloth or soft brush.
  • Polish the boots with Courteney polish and buff with a soft brush or soft cloth in a circular motion.
  • Do not use any household cleaning materials, chemicals or abrasive products.
  • If the boots get wet, allow them to dry naturally away from sunlight in a cool airy place, then polish.
  • If you get grease on the leather, sprinkle the stain with a light layer of talcum powder and let it sit for an hour. Brush off with a clean dry cloth.
  • Other stains should be wiped off with a damp, not wet, soft cloth as soon as possible.
  • Between outings, store your boots in a cool dry place, in the cloth bag provided. Do not store in a plastic bag.


Your comfort is important to us. In order to enjoy the full benefits of wearing Courteney please read your Courteney Product Care Instructions. Regularly cleaned and polished Courteney boots will serve you faithfully, and become an integral part of your adventures, for years to come.

The Courteney Boot Company guarantees their footwear for twelve months from any manufacturing or material defect and will, at their discretion, repair or replace your purchase. Please note that the guarantee does not cover damage caused by abuse, negligence or accidents. Normal wear and tear can be expected. Guarantee benefits do not result in an extension of the guarantee period, nor do they bring about a new guarantee period.