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Many thanks

Sharron, Gale and team,

My boots arrived 2 days ago and are better in reality than in the pictures. They fit like a glove and were comfortable from the get go.

Thanks to you and all the team in Bulawayo, for a wonderful product.

If, or more like when I get another pair of Courteney boots I will order them from you, but come from the UK and collect them from the factory myself.

Thanks again,


Andy Atkinson

What a great company!

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a great company you have. I have six pair of Courteney shoes and boots and wear at least one of them every day. They have served me well on many hunting trips in the States and five safaris to RSA. Thanks for making such a great product!

Jeff Doris

Best Boots Ever

I bought my Courteney boots in Vic Falls in 1994. Since then they have trekked over chunks of Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya multiple times. Apart from regularly having to haul thorns out of the soles, I’ve only recently replaced the original laces, and hope soon to have them re-soled. They never make feet sweat, are incredibly comfortable, and have the best grip ever. Thank you for this superb product.

Morag Urquhart

Great Highveld in hippo leather

I bought a pair of brown Highveld shoes in hippo leather and I must say that they look even better than on the photos and they are extremely comfortable!

The service of the staff is very competent and helpful. I will definitely get myself another pair of shoes from Courteney!

R. Rohlfs

I use Courteney Boots and Shoes !

I bought my first pair of Courteney boots in Vic Falls Zimbabwe 18 years ago. The quality, the professionnal craftmanship and customer service are the best I have ever come across. I spend time off beaten tracks and possess different Courteney products which are put to good use, each one for the purpose it is intended. Sincere thanks to the team.

J P de Ravel

Tracker in France

I saw article about Courtney Shoes and thought the company looked interesting. I found a distributor in the UK and ordered a pair of Trackers. The distributor sent them quickly. A solid pair of shoes, that will be good for walking in the wilder parts of Europe. They seem hard wearing and comfort is much improved by a pair of memory foam insoles. I look forward to walking on the wild side for a long time.

Chris Barlas

Excellent craftmanship

My pair of brown Patrol boots came today, excellent craftmanship and a perfect fit. The soles are really quiet and comfortable, feels like I am barefoot, it will be really easy sneaking up on roedeer and wildlife on the next hunt!
Would like to thank the team at Courteney for your good work and prompt delivery.

Linus Värdling
I would like to congratulate you and the company for manufacturing the most comfortable and durable shoes I have ever bought in my life.
Since the first day I wore them I never experienced any pressure spots or scuff marks on my feet unlike other shoes I bought. If my memory serves me right, I bought the safari boots in 1997; they accompanied me on numerous field and hunting trips as well as to my place of work.
Ernst Lombard

This is my first pair of Courteney Boots, and the best pair of boots that I have ever had the privilege of owning.

Michael Haigh


My three-shoe order arrived earlier today and the event is worth (to me at least) asking for your indulgence in reading a short anecdote.

Truth be told this was mostly an emotional purchase on my part, given my visit to remarkable Rhodesia in 1979; fell in love with the place and have since wept for its fate.  It’s not like I have a thousand dollars to gamble on a fling however, and after placing the order I seriously wondered if I’d made a huge blunder; nobody spends this much on shoes they’ve never even tried on.   So nervous in fact that when the box arrived today I didn’t open it at first, and when I finally did it was armed with a gin & tonic in hand.  I then opened each box and carefully examined the beautiful shoes (including of course the obligatory ’sniff the new leather’ test), but didn’t summon the courage (until the second gin & tonic) to actually try them on.

Super! is the term Rhodesians use when they really like something.  Let me elaborate a bit on this understatement.  First, the workmanship is incredible, the best I’ve ever seen in shoes I’ve owned and well worth the money.  Second, the fit was exactly right.  I can hardly wait to start wearing them.

My compliments & gratitude to you and in particular the Nice Ladies in Bulawayo!

Col. Michael Haas, USAF, ret.

Williamsburg, Virginia

These Boots Rock!

These have served me extremely well with the Hunters being my daily work boots. I am a train driver and we are pretty tough on shoes. Mine have outlasted four pairs of my mates “issued” boots. And that I am extremely proud of!!! These shoes Rock!
Proud African greetings from Sydney,
Pieter van Niekerk

Words cannot convey

Just a short note to let you know I collected my boots from the post office this afternoon and have just opened the parcel.

Words cannot convey the absolute and utter amazement that confronted me. You and your team have hugely surpassed my expectations.

At first I honestly thought you people had made a mistake and sent me new boots. All three pairs look brand new. Thank you so so much. I really am at a loss for words. I can’t believe that you went to so much trouble. New soles, new front sections, new inners, new bits on the backs, new laces… The list just goes on.

I now know why I will never purchase any other make of boots.

Once again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You people are truly special.

Richard Manning

Thank you.  I have ordered the Selous boots and been wearing them for over 5 months now. They are by far the best boots I have ever worn.  They have been broken in in the harsh winters of northern Maine.  They have passed every test from ice to salt to snow.  They are so comfortable and grip everything that comes underfoot.

I look forward to bringing them to Africa with me.
Awesome footwear!
Levi Frye

A piece of my soul

Random but maybe an interesting message for you. In 1992, as Courteney Boot Company literally opened for trade, I purchased my very first, and only, pair of Courteney Boots. I was literally a first customer: within days of opening, I had my grubby paws gripped around these fantastic trackers. A week later I purchased a pair of snazzy Rockies canvass climbers (the same day). I also have those and they’re in as immaculate condition!
I was famous for always going into the bush, every 2 weeks and even did a 4 month sojourn through Namibia in 1994/95 … either alone or taking friends – having once been a Game Guide on the Zambezi and also opening the very first Abercrombie & Kent office in Vic Falls a decade odd earlier. The bush is like a drug for me. Addicted to wildlife. (I miss it.)
Well, my Courteney boots still take pride of place in my cupboard and I’ve so cherished them. They look and feel as new as the day I bought them (which I thought was a small fortune then) and travelled with me wherever I’ve worked, worldwide. That includes New York, Jordan, Bahrain, Dubai, UK, back to Zimb and all through Africa and now back in UK. My husband caught the dreaded Hospital Superbug (MRSA) in Cape Town 18 months ago … so we’ve landed in March & have just settled back in Somerset where his aging parents live – in Wells. And that’s a stone’s throw from Clarke’s Village, in the greater picture!
Incidentally, I also loved the name. Had a rugged, trust about it (IMO). Reminded me of Wilbur Smith’s raging familial saga and all that stood the literary giant’s test of time. Tough stuff.
Please keep my name and location private. Thank you for a trusted and much loved …. piece of my soul. A genuine quality product!
My wife calls me Emelda Marcus due to the number of boots and shoes that I have but I can honestly state that I will reach past some very good boots for my Courteney Hunters and Vellies.
Colin Bedding
You make the most comfortable, quietest, long lasting boot I have come across and I have lost count of how many different boots I have tried .
Jonathan Hulme

It’s been my dream

I would like thank you for your wonderful service at Nampo! Me and my brother got a pair of Safari boots and we are so impressed with this footwear. They will definitely see some great adventures.  It has been my dream to own a pair of Courtneys and finally this dream became real! Thanks again.

Magnus Mostert

Gale,  The boots arrived today and they are superb.  I have never had a custom made pair of boots except for these and they are great.  I put them on and they fit very comfortably – no pinching or discomfort anywhere.  The leather is very soft and feels already broken in. Safari was the right choice.  Overall, I am very pleased and happy w/my new boots – I have them on now.  Thank you for your guidance though the whole process.  Take care.

Fred Casucci

Trekking in the mountains, long grass, snakes, steep ranges …ex military I have worn many boots, courteney boots the best boot ever…

Paul Anthony Bliss

Just letting you know that the boots arrived. Great fit and after 10 minutes the boots already know who their owner is.
Many thanks for doing the running around.
All the best in your business and all the other things in life.

Joe Kozma

I have been to Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa on with these Courteneys on the hoof.  Like American Express…I wouldn’t leave home without them.  I am a fan and patron for life.  Many thanks.

Don Merriam

I have received my haversack and just wanted to let you know that it has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the materials, craftsmanship and finish are exceptional and I think now it is almost too good to take hunting!

Thank you for providing me with such a fine product.

Yours aye

Dirk Noordewier
Just letting you know that my Selous Boots have arrived today. I have to say they are the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn and I am ecstatic with them.
Thanks Very much.
Matt and Kelley Hanson

Gives me a really good feeling for my feet…

Mikkel V. Olesen

How service should work

I have recently sung the praises of the Courteney Boot Company in these pages and wish to continue in this vein.

When I was last home in Zimbabwe my father mentioned to me that the Courteney Boot Company offered a refurbishment service and as my boots had by that stage been neglected and abused for the best part of thirteen years as well as having walked many thousands of miles on several continents this sounded like a great idea and I agreed to leave them with him to organise.

Fast forward nearly a year and my parents are due to visit me here in the UK so I began to chase up my father for news of my precious boots. He didn’t say as much but I gathered he’d done nothing about organising their refurb but quickly informed me that they’d been sent to the factory and he’d had a very reasonable quote of $50usd or £36gpb at the current exchange rate and I gave him the go ahead.

Considering that these boots cost a small fortune when new and that the refurbishment consisted of a full restitching of the tough elephant, buffalo and giraffe leather and replacement of the tough car tyre style soles I think that I’ve made a hell of a deal.

Being the geek that I am I was sitting at work during my lunch hour perusing the Courteney Boot Company’s website as well as the websites of the London stockists I thought I’d fire off a couple of endorsement type emails of the boots themselves and the service offered. Both came back to me promptly thanking me for my kind words and the response from Gale Rice at the Bulawayo based factory was particularly thankful asking permission to use my email on their website which I of course agreed to and offering to send me a free cleaning kit.

I thanked Gale and explained that my boots were still with the factory and I was holding my fingers crossed they would be back with my parents in time to fly to the UK with them. Gale responded with the simple “I’ll make sure that happens”

Two days later I had another email from Gale again thanking me again for my kind words and informing that my boots had left the factory along with the cleaning kit and were being returned to their Harare Stockists nearest my parents home for collection the very next day.

Now if a small company in deepest darkest Africa can provide that level of service and guarantee a customer for life, even though by making the boots so well in the first place I’m unlikely to need a new pair for another ten to fifteen years – why is the rest of the world so incapable? Is the old way the best way?

If like me you like the finer things in life and expect them to last for your life, then I would highly recommend you invest in a pair of these simply styled, incredibly comfortable and tough boots, they will serve you well and you never know, in thirty years time you might need a second pair.


Mr Bunny Chow

From -30 Celsius in Moscow, Russia up to +45 Celcius at En Gedi Dead Sea

Over the years I have walked miles and miles over all the continents, from -30 Celsius in Moscow, Russia up to +45 Celcius at En Gedi Dead Sea, Israel. I was fortunate to travel all continents except Antartica, never without them, after I found them I think it was in 1993. I still have my first pair. Every day I just love to wear the Courteneys Selous shoes, where ever they take me.

Rens Trappel
The Netherlands
9th August 2011

To anyone who will listen

I am writing to congratulate you on producing what I believe is the best quality footwear available for the outdoorsman in the world.  I have owned a single pair of Courteney boots for two years and I could not be happier with their performance.  I work as a Professional Hunter for an outfit that operates safaris in Australia’s remote Arnhem Land wilderness.  Many of my colleagues use cheaper mass produced boots and are struggling to make one season before they give out.  In contrast, my Courteneys have lasted two seasons and will undoubtedly make a third.  All the while they have remained water resistant, comfortable and solid.  Believe me, they have been punished by scalding heat, constant exposure to wet and mud and every manner of sharp jagged rock and they remain near perfect.  In addition to this, they are completely silent and have the toughest sole of any boot I have come across.  I have worn my Courteneys hunting and fishing on three continents and I hope to add a fourth (Africa) very soon.

Please keep up the good work as it is a great pleasure to use a product that is hand made and comes as beautifully packaged and presented as yours.  In this world of the mass produced, synthetic and disposable, Courteney Boots are unmatched in quality.  I recommend them to all my clients and anyone who will listen.

Morgan Potter

I didn’t even notice I had my boots on.

Just came back from my first safari to Africa.  I purchased the Courteney Selous boots before I left.  I just wanted to congratulate you for making the most comfortable pair of boots in the world.  I hunted from dawn to dusk and at the end of the day I didn’t even notice I had my boots on.

Thank you very much.  John Gomez

Thanks for the memories

In 1960 I was given a pair of desert boots by a friend of my Dad’s who hunted in Africa almost every year from 1930 to 1965.  I have just received a pair of suede Courteney Vellies.  As I was tying the laces the memories of the stories the old man told me came back to me.  Maybe it was just looking at the elephant on the shoebox and knowing these were made in Africa.  Thanks for the memories and the comfort of these new shoes.

John H. Watson

On opening the boxes I was presented with the sight of the most wonderful, aesthetically beautiful boots I have ever seen!  They are visually stunning and if they perform anywhere near as good as they look, then they promise to be the best investment in footwear that I’ve ever made.  Many thanks!

Stephen Crowther

Your service and attention given is rarely found in business today.

Richard Wakefield

Best shoes ever!

I walked the Courteney tread for many years in Zim whilst hunting in the valleys of the Zambezi and the Save. The best shoes ever!

Cuan McGeorge

Go on – treat yourself.

I’ve owned a pair of Selous for close on 15 years now, they have travelled round the world and proven extremely comfortable in all situations from the office to hunting in the African bush.

I have recently returned them to the factory in Bulawayo for a refurb, which they are unstitching the whole boot and resoling them as well as renewing all of the stitching for merely $50usd. These boots may start off expensive but when I consider the mileage they’ve done and the abuse they’ve suffered they begin to look like a bit of a bargain.

Go on – treat yourself.
Rob Wood

I’ve enjoyed the boots thus far and find the craftsmanship in their making to be excellent.  There have been a couple of occasions when I was caught in heavy snow w/o my mountain boots and the Courteneys stood their ground (not quite as warm, albeit).

Jeff Acord

I am very impressed by the intrinsic quality and attention to detail with these fine shoes.

Larry Leibrock

603km, 255 hours, 44 deg C

I was on contract to WWF Cameroon for four months tracking and locating black rhino in the north of the country.  I walked for 603 km, for 255 hours in temperatures that were close to 44 deg C with high humidity and I did all this in my Courteney boots.  They really were superb and dealt with the terrain, river crossings, heat and humidity, and torrential rains at the end with ease.

Mike Kock

Thank heavens for my wonderful Courteneys

I am in London at present.  Having a great time.  Have been doing a lot of walking.  Thank heavens for my wonderful Courteney boots.  They have saved the day.  We came via Singapore and due to the hot weather the boots I wore gave me blisters on both feet.  I thought that my trip to see the sights of London may have been ruined.  On went the Courteney boots and my feet haven’t stopped walking.  Will highly recommend to anyone wanting a great wearing boot.


Most comfortable and durable boots I ever owned

While in Zimbabwe with the US military I purchased a pair of your “Safari” boots.  Since then I wear them almost exclusively.  They have been the most comfortable and durable boots I have ever owned and I absolutely love them.

James M. McAlister

8 days underwater

We were on the houseboat on Lake Kariba which sank, along with a pair of Courteneys I had bought for a friend in South Africa.  We sent divers down to recover our possessions and they managed to retrieve the boots.  After 8 days underwater they looked brand new without a mark on them.  I’m really thrilled.

Terri Rennie

I might consider slatering the little bugger dog as he just performed some surgery on my wifes new lether boots and maybe you can produce one attache from his flatskin if production will only start later on again……….

Dr. Christian Siepe



Best footwear used in fifty years

Having just tramped the Zambezi Valley for a week, wearing my new Courteney Safari boots, I must say they are the best footwear I have used in almost fifty years of hunting, farming and wandering.  Congratulations on a great product.

Richard Harland

Author “The Hunting Imperative”

Rowland Ward Publications

The finest, most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn!

Paul A. Sanchez, Jr