Choice of Soles

Courteney footwear has genuine rubber soles. We import raw rubber and make our own soles at the workshop.

The result is a very quiet, flexible yet hardwearing sole.

Your Courteneys come fitted with the standard sole that we feel suits that particular style of shoe or boot.

But you can customise your choice: boots can be ordered on a different sole pattern from standard, should you so wish.

Choices are:

Tyre Tread




  Do not sit with your Courteney boots held to a fire – the cement which bonds the sole to the boot will be damaged.

  Do not stand in oil, petrol, diesel, solvents – rubber is allergic to all of these and your soles will be irreversibly damaged.

Rubber is a hydro carbon.

An old rule of chemistry is “like dissolves like” – solvents that are chemically similar to solids will tend to dissolve them.

Oils, petrol and diesel are chemically similar to rubber so will be readily absorbed by your sole, and your soles will swell and separate from your boot.

Recall what happens in the back of your rubberised pick-up truck when you spill fuels.