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Classic Courteney Safari Boots, Shoes and Accoutrements, a legend among wildlife professionals for their comfort and durability. Courteney footwear and accessories are manufactured in the old fashioned way that’s seldom seen today. Our products are handmade to order by skilled craftsmen and women in a small workshop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, using the finest leathers from renewable resources.


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Ideal boots for me

I’ve put my Courteney Warrior boots through two years of continuous use, so I am now in a good position to offer credible feedback.
I live in south west England, where it’s mostly damp and often wet, which has destroyed the stitches of a handful of more well-known hiking brands. But not these.
I’m no hunter and as such they are mostly used for drier dog walks and gardening, while they’ve also taken me across the Trossachs in Scotland, Brecon Beacons in Wales, and Tatra mountain range in Poland. And the Big Smoke on occasions!
They’ve shaped well to my feet and are the most slipper-like outdoor boots I own, getting softer with use. Not a blister from day one. The cleat soles have barely worn, with the advantage of not collecting lots of stones and twigs.
These boots are virtually indestructible. The best ever. Worth every penny.
Happy to promote a worthy, more ethical and niche brand in a world of mass production.

Andy Steel & Wolfie the Border terrier

Hi folks at Courteney in my old home town of Bulawayo 😎

My 14 year old son has officially taken ownership of my old Courteneys.  I have passed them onto the next generation and unlike Sting’s “Dead Man’s Boots” he seems to love them as much as I did.

Vintage 1998 they started their life with a 4 day hike in the Chimanimanis. Not a single blister. Since then they have hiked in Europe and Australia, been dubbined about 12 times, grown green mould in the damp Adelaide winter, and still have their hard-wearing original laces!

My son hiked in the Morialta Conservation Park and he loves them. Not a single blister.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Justin Wynn

Finest, best fitting, and toughest boot

This is the second pair of Courteney boots I have purchased in the past two years. They are by far the finest, best fitting, and toughest boot I have found. I wear them daily around town, and also hunt with them hard, once a month on the desert hills of the Tejon Ranch, here in California.  The boots break in fast and they never let my feet get wet. Once while riding a horse, a branch from a tree was stuck in the toe. Yet it didn’t penetrate the boot. The only flaw I can find is when applying the polish that is supplied at time of purchase, the beautiful appearance of the gameskins are subdued into a brown colour. Even though the boots lose their luster after a while, they still perform flawlessly. I would like to thank you for your excellent craftsmanship in these boots – even the laces hold up.

Steven W. Herr

Most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned

I’ve been wearing a pair of your Selous boots now for four months. Wow!!! I can honestly say they’re the best made, most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned. I was a little hesitant at first to spend almost $400 on a pair of boots but what a difference at the end of the day!  Anyone who has ever walked out of the wilderness with “hot feet” knows every painful step is worth $5 to avoid. Four hundred dollars is CHEAP for these boots. I don’t even think of them as boots anymore, more like a matching pair of Rolls Royces for the feet. I can see now why you have such a loyal customer base.
Thanks for a great product.

Don Merriam

Keep up the great work

I walked the length of the Pacific Crest Trail (Mexican border to the Canadian border) last summer in my Courtney boots (Ostrich skin) with nary a blister. This was in celebration of my 60th birthday and to commemorate having done it 40 years earlier at age 20. My Courtney boots held up better than the technical mountaineering boots I bought from the North Face lo those many years ago. And everyone at my shooting club still says they’re the best looking shoes they’ve seen. Hell, women even stop me in the grocery store and ask me where I bought them. It doesn’t get any better than that, form and function. I’m going to buy another pair just to be sure I get out of life with them on. Keep up the great work.


Most comfortable boots

The finest, most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn!

Paul A. Sanchez, Jr

Best footwear used in fifty years

Having just tramped the Zambezi Valley for a week, wearing my new Courteney Safari boots, I must say they are the best footwear I have used in almost fifty years of hunting, farming and wandering. Congratulations on a great product.

Richard Harland, Author “The Hunting Imperative”

Rowland Ward Publications


I might consider slaughtering the little bugger dog as he just performed some surgery on my wife’s new leather boots and maybe you can produce one attache from his flatskin if production will only start later on again…….

Dr. Christian Siepe, Germany

8 days underwater

We were on the houseboat on Lake Kariba which sank, along with a pair of Courteneys I had bought for a friend in South Africa. We sent divers down to recover our possessions and they managed to retrieve the boots. After 8 days underwater they looked brand new without a mark on them. I’m really thrilled.

Terri Rennie

Most comfortable and durable boots I ever owned

While in Zimbabwe with the US military I purchased a pair of your “Safari” boots. Since then I wear them almost exclusively. They have been the most comfortable and durable boots I have ever owned and I absolutely love them.

James M. McAlister