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The veldtschoen was developed by the Dutch Voortrekkers and Pioneers. 

A product of the African bush, it was a rough shoe made of raw game hide on the trek northwards. Of an unusually outward flanged construction, the upper was hand sewn to the sole and insole to create an extremely comfortable boot, impervious to bush thorns, the bite of snakes or insects, and the rugged terrain - a highly individual, comfortable and practical boot.
Today's veldtschoen remains unchanged from its original concept, but with the aid of modern technology Courteney boots have all the advantages of innovative shoemaking techniques.
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Courteney products are made to order and can be mailed worldwide.
Find your nearest stockist by clicking here or contact Courteney for a quotation.

Courteney’s products are made from Africa’s wild animals. Their hides are battle scarred, naturally scratched by thorn and insect bitten, making your footwear exotic and individual. Leathers and colours will vary.

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Footwear photographed in its natural habitat by Glenn Lambrecht, Savage Moon Productions - savagemoon@iuncapped.co.za