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Your comfort is important to us. In order to enjoy the full benefits of wearing Courteney please read your Care of Courteney Instructions. Regularly cleaned and polished Courteney boots will serve you faithfully, and become an integral part of your adventures, for years to come.
The Courteney Boot Company guarantees their footwear for twelve months from any manufacturing or material defect and will, at their discretion, repair or replace your purchase. Please note that the guarantee does not cover damage caused by abuse, negligence or accidents. Normal wear and tear can be expected. Guarantee benefits do not result in an extension of the guarantee period, nor do they bring about a new guarantee period.

A true sportsman will give his boots as much care as he does his favourite gun, fishing rod or his vehicle.

My Favourite Courteney Boots

The proper way to preserve leather is through regular and correct polishing. Water and wear remove the original oil from the leather. When the tiny fibres dry out they become hard and brittle and break easily, shortening the life of the leather.

Leather fibres burn easily, especially when leather is wet, and should never be dried with artificial heat. For the best result, footwear should be dried out slowly and never be subjected to any extreme heat.

Courteney Polish is made from the same ingredients used by the tanner in waterproofing the leather. Rub the polish vigorously into your boots with a brush. Assisted by the heat generated, the polish will work into the pores. Its frequent use will maintain the original flexibility and water-resistant qualities of your boots. If you do not have Courteney Polish, please polish your boots with natural shoe polish available at most stores.

Courteney Rhodesian suede vellies are made from genuine Kudu the traditional way.  In order to clean them and maintain their unique appearance simply wash them with luke warm soapy water (not too soapy) using a nail brush.  We recommend that you endeavour not to get them too wet - it’s better not to immerse them completely in water. 

Pack the insides with newspaper re-moulding them to their original shape, and let them dry in an airy and shady place.  DO NOT dry artificially or in direct sunshine.  When dry, brush the suede with a clean shoe brush.

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Footwear photographed in its natural habitat by Glenn Lambrecht, Savage Moon Productions - savagemoon@iuncapped.co.za